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Certified Translations of School Documents

We provide certified translations for all school purposes, such as college applicatins, universities, foreign credentialing, etc. Our certified translations are official documents accepted by all educational institutions.
We translate, among others, the following documents for School Applications:
- Diplomas
- Transcripts
- School Certificates
- Syllabuses
- Affidavits
- Documents for Foreign Credential Evaluations
- Documents for Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy


Life insurance applicationes usually contain information about the applicant's medical history that raise some concerns. Indications of prior treatments or current diagnoses of ailments relevant to life expectancy must undergo further analysis. In these cases, the underwriter usually requests an "Attending Physician Statement", or "APS", the most common and efficient way to obtain factual data pertaining to an applicant's health history.
This APS must be submitted in English. Therefore, if the applicant is a foreign national, and the APS was written in a language different from English, it has to be accompanied by an English Certified Translation.


You can choose between any of the following delivery methods:

- Email: Digitally signed and stamped electronic certified translation, RECOMMENDED FOR USCIS

- Office Pickup: Printed, hand signed and stamped. Our office is located in the heart of Miami Beach: 1659 James Avenue ( between 17th Street and Lincoln Rd).

- By Mail: Contact us so we make the arrangements according to your needs.

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