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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the translations that you deliver by e-mail accepted by USCIS?

Absolutely. USCIS does not require original documents to support immigration applications. The printout of our electronic certified translation, which is digitally signed and stamped by the certified translator, is perfectly valid and accepted by USCIS. Our customers have been submitting to USCIS the printout of our electronic certified translations for many years and none of them have ever been rejected.

What is the difference between certified translations sent by email and certified translations sent by regular mail?
Both are exactly the same. Same elements, same accuracy and same formalities. The main difference is the format and delivery method. Emailed Certified Translations are digitally signed and stamped electronic certified translations in .pdf format and Certified Translations sent by regular mail are printed, hand signed and stamped.

When do I receive my certified translation?

Email: Within 24 hours after you place the order.
USPS mail: 24 hours + shipping time (usually between 2 and 4 days depending on your location)
FedEx: 24 hours + overnight

How can I be sure that your translation will not be rejected by the USCIS officer?
We have been translating documents for USCIS for the last 15 years. We know exactly how they want to receive the translations and we make them exactly like that. Our translations have never been rejected. You can read testimonials from our past customers by following the links on the right menu.

I need a certified translation of my high school diploma and transcript. Will the electronic certified translation be accepted by my school/college?

You have to verify that with your school/college in advance. To be on the safe side, we usually recommend, in these cases, the printed version sent by regular mail, since each school/college has its own policies and we cannot guarantee that a digitally signed translation will be accepted. But if your school/college confirms you that they accept electronic certified translations, you can save money and speed up the process by ordering the electronic version of our translations sent by email.

I need my birth certificate translated for my US passport application, which translation format should I order?
US passport agencies require original documents, therefore, you need to order the printed, hand signed and stamped traditional certified translation that we send you by regular mail or you can pick up from office.

Will my translation be notarized?
Notaries Public are not authorized to certify translations and simply 'notarized' (not certified) translations are rejected by USCIS and all other government agencies. Our translations are CERTIFIED, i.e. signed and stamped by a certified translator, member of the American Translators Association, as required by all government agencies and official institutions. However, some institutions require that a 'notarized certificate' be added to the certified translation. This is an extra document by which the signature of the certified translator is acknowledged by a Notary Public.
This is an additional step, which does not replace the certification. The certification by a Certified Translator is always required.

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